Current Situation of COVID-19 in Piura and, How GROWTH is Facing this Virus

It is now 20 days since the Peruvian Government decreed a state of alarm, and with it the implementation of restrictions of movement and social isolation for security measures and in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Due to the current emergency conditions, GROWTH’s team in the field decided to halt the Piura Project … Leer más

Piura Project – Areas of Intervention

The Piura Project aims to improve the living conditions of the communities affected by the “El Niño Costero” phenomenon in 2017. “El Niño Costero” is a climatic phenomenon that triggers heavy rains causing overflows, floods and downpours in certain places. In 2017 it heavily affected many communities in Peru, especially in the Piura region. The … Leer más