Let’s Stop the Coronavirus Together

During this period in which everything seems to have halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic, at GROWTH on the contrary, we continue working as much as possible.

As we already mentioned in the previous blog entry, we are working together with other organizations on aid alternatives for the communities of San Martín de Létira and Miguel Seminario.

For this reason and for a few weeks now, GROWTH has been collaborating and supporting the Calandria organization in its new project “Let’s Stop the Coronavirus Together”.

Who is Calandria and what does he do?

Calandria is a non-governmental organization born from civil society organizations and specializing in strategic communication for development through a citizenship approach. For Calandria, communication must be the promoter of dialogue and relations based on equality, but it must also be the bearer of a democratic coexistence capable of stimulating commitment, on the one hand of citizens and on the other of institutions, to achieve common development goals.

Together we can do it!

As you already know, some of GROWTH’s main objectives are related to the hygiene and sanitation needs of communities, issues of great relevance and extreme importance to be addressed at this time in the fight against the pandemic.

For this reason and with the aim of providing communities with as much information as possible regarding how to deal with COVID-19, we have joined Calandria in its dissemination of information campaign “Let’s Stop the Coronavirus Together”. A campaign that was born as an initiative to face the pandemic and educate communities on daily hygiene habits to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and contagions in the districts of Catacaos, Cura Mori, La Arena, La Unión, El Tallán, in Piura.

The campaign wants to reinforce the notion of cooperative work between the authorities and the population, and among family members. Thanks to these efforts and a sense of shared responsibility, it will be possible to help stop the spread of the virus.

The topics that are being addressed throughout the campaign are:

  • How to identify the symptoms of Coronavirus and what to do if we think we have been infected;
  • The importance of preventive personal hygiene, but also that of domestic spaces;
  • Good practices to be adopted when leaving home and also when returning;
  • Respect for social distancing, quarantine measures, and curfew;
  • Good educational practices for effectivity and family life;
  • Prevention and care of violence against women and minors in the period of health emergency.

The campaign joins forces with Radio Cutivalú, a station with great recognition at a regional level, and with community radio stations (loudspeakers) and local media, recognizing that in this context the function of informing and contributing to citizen education is central.

If you want to be informed about the content that will be published throughout the campaign, follow us on our social networks. Also, if you have any questions you can contact us through info@growth.com.es, we will be happy to answer you.

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