Current Situation of COVID-19 in Piura and, How GROWTH is Facing this Virus

It is now 20 days since the Peruvian Government decreed a state of alarm, and with it the implementation of restrictions of movement and social isolation for security measures and in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Due to the current emergency conditions, GROWTH’s team in the field decided to halt the Piura Project for safety and security reasons.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, the total number of cases has increased to 1,595, spreading across 19 regions in Peru, with Lima accounting for the highest level infection, currently at 1,059. Additionally, the latest reports indicate that  Peru is in phase 3 of the spread of the virus with an expected upward trajectory on the curve. However, thanks to the measures adopted by the Peruvian Government, the mandatory restrictions of movement confirms that the situation is becoming more bearable.

These security measures were increased on March 30, due to lack of compliance by the population. The Government of Peru issued a statement in which it extended the curfew from 4 p.m. to 5 a.m., and further extending these measures until April 12. In addition, to increase the security of the population, a new measure was launched last Thursday in which, starting on Friday, April 3, men could only go outside on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and women on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday, while on Sunday everyone has to remain confined to their homes.

From the onset of the security measures, communities in the North of Piura, such as San Martín de Létira and Miguel Seminario,  have become completely isolated, making it extremely difficult for these communities to gain access to their workplaces as well as to purchase food and other basic necessities.

After making a well considered assessment of the emergency situation, GROWTH’s team in the field decided to stay in Piura and work on developing an alternative aid plan for these two communities, collaborating with other NGO’s as well as with local authorities.

The current situation is very unpredictable, but we will keep you informed as much as possible with all the progress that our team in the field is making.

For now, we would like to share this video with you, in which Giulia Soresi (coordinator of the Piura Project) describes what the current situation in Piura is like, as well as elaborating on the reasons behind the team in the fields’ decision to stay in Piura.

Thank you very much for all your support and help in these uncertain times. We convey our gratitude and love from the GROWTH team and we invite you to write to if you have any questions or suggestions, we will be delighted to hear from you!

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