It is our words and actions that create our culture and define us as NGOs and as individuals. We work towards developing a diverse and inclusive culture that accommodates learning and fosters trust. A culture in which everyone can give the best of themselves.

Following a careful selection process and by making good ethical decisions allows us to trust in others, in our donors, collaborators, associates and in the communities we support. Together with our collaborators, we work towards achieving an objective of a world in which people live with dignity and have their basic needs met and in which their fundamental rights are respected. While we work towards achieving our objectives and our vision of cooperation, we must always be faithful to our mission, our goals and our values.

All of our decisions are based upon honesty, integrity and regulatory compliance. We are always transparent in explaining our motivations, we learn from our mistakes and ask for assistance in difficult situations. Our standards of conduct highlight the role that each of us plays in fostering trust as well as the strategy we follow in making decisions.

If we apply these principles to our daily work, we move forward with confidence making decisions that foster trust and encourage our donors, partners, collaborators and communities to overcome new challenges. 

GROWTH is a Non-profit organization

Neither we nor our donors, volunteers, collaborators or associates are in this project to profit or obtain any advantage on a personal level. Our reward is to witness and experience how our projects empower the most vulnerable as well as the personal satisfaction of doing something for others just when they need us. This is how we want to leave our mark.


100% of our income is reinvested in the growth of development cooperation projects. When we say that we do not want to have any advantage, we refer to any type of advantage, either direct or indirect; the following is not tolerated:    

  1. Projects of intermediation of goods or services supplies in communities in exchange for a benefit, even if these goods and services are in high demand and this is a usual practice.
  2. The acquisition for own benefit of property and/or materials in the communities in which we develop projects, even if the purchase is justified to protect the property, be it a natural space, a property or any other product. However, we educate and train the people of these communities to value their wealth, protect and commercialize freely and on their own in accordance with the laws in force.
  3. The establishment of labour or employment intermediation agreements even if this were a formula to alleviate conditions of poverty in the communities in which we operate.

GROWTH is independent and chooses its counterparts, its objectives and its strategies

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to complete and sustain a development project based on a solitary contribution. We need the help of many actors to obtain the necessary funds to carry out our projects. Furthermore, nothing is more frustrating for us or for the communities in which we want to establish development projects than having to leave without having reached the goal: the sustainable maintenance of the activity that has started.

That is why our work model does not start with the contribution of donors or partners, but rather in the detailed evaluation we make of the projects identified as candidates for our action. This 360-degree evaluation of the project estimates costs, deadlines, impact, necessary resources, local support and all the requirements that must be met to ensure the success of the mission.


We only carry out actions on identified projects, studied in detail and approved. Our goal is the successful completion of the project. We must never promise our partners, donors, communities or third parties GROWTH’s participation in projects that have not been previously approved by the Project Team.

These commitments are by no means acceptable because they harm the integrity of our Association and defraud the expectations of our partners and may have serious legal consequences for all parties.

To propose areas and projects aligned to GROWTH’S scope of intervention send an email to

GROWTH advances development cooperation projects

It is common that NGOs involved in solidarity projects in vulnerable areas, who have a great knowledge of the idiosyncrasies related to the relationships in these regions, end up offering aid and collaboration that, despite being well intentioned, divert them from their objectives and culminate in highly questionable actions. such as:

  • facilitate the displacement of people;
  • facilitate the status of “Refugee” to individuals or groups;
  • influence the administration of local justice or other social activities of the community, etc.


All the activities that we advance aim to develop cooperation, distancing ourselves from illicit activities of all kinds. Therefore, all of our beneficiaries, collaborators, partners and volunteers must understand and abide by this rule to ensure that the ideals of our Association’s effort are not undermined and in this way the expectations of our donors and those of the communities are driven towards the development of our projects.

GROWTH works with human and economic resources that are derived from private donors, public donors, voluntary work and others

Our resources are of three types:

  • Financial resources and / or materials that come from private donations, both companies and individuals;
  • Financial resources that come from our own activities to raise funds such as our solidarity events;
  • Human resources with workers linked to our activity, with volunteers that make up the different work teams and with volunteers and local associations in the areas where we carry out our projects.


We are very aware that we use other people’s resources: their money, their effort and their enthusiasm. That is why we take this issue very seriously. We do not overlap these categories and always present them in a clearly, transparently, accurately and rigorously in our reports.

All resources used to carry out our projects must be properly accounted for, registered and applied to their purpose. Not doing so could result in committing fraud towards our donors, volunteers and for the communities in which we develop projects, this could lead to serious situations of risk for our collaborators, volunteers and beneficiary communities as well as legal litigation with serious consequences.

GROWTH carries out projects in which community members are an integral part of the processes

We are not saviours … only facilitators.

Our mission is to lead development cooperation projects by channelling donor and volunteer collaborations and coordinating the efforts of local communities. We have learned that our effort is multiplied on the ground when we involve the members of the community and their local organizations. Each one in his/her own way, each according to their own possibility … but they all count and we all need them.

When people see our reports, they often ask us how it is possible that we have achieved so much with so few resources. The answer is the that local collaboration gains massively from our efforts and multiplies the effects.

It is difficult to highlight all the areas of the projects in which the members and the local organizations are involved in, but to have an idea, review each of the activities that we carry out:

GROWTH respects international laws and promotes human rights


We work all over the world and we respect the legislation of all the countries in which we operate.

In this way, we foster trust with governments, strengthen the communities in which we live and work and collaborate to create a just society in which those laws are protected.

  • We respect the laws and regulations of Spain, Europe and the rest of the countries in which we work.
  • We relate in an honest and transparent manner with officials and government representatives.
  • We respond honestly, aptly and rapidly to inquiries and requests for government information.
  • We comply with economic sanctions and international trade controls that prohibit us from operating in certain countries and with certain governments, entities and individuals. We respect the laws that govern the distribution and international use of our technology.


We are committed to respect and, above all, to promote human rights so that our projects have a positive role in the world. We believe that our presence helps defend and promote human rights in countries where they are not respected.

Likewise, in all our projects we align our work with the 2030 Agenda, the global plan for the eradication of poverty, the fight against climate change and the reduction of inequalities as adopted by the international community.

To make this commitment a reality, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 associated goals were approved, which reflect the scope and ambition of this universal plan. The SDGs reflect the complexity of development, emphasizing its social, economic and environmental dimensions. At GROWTH, we work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals that we promote in the different areas of action.

GROWTH and the SDGs

GROWTH promotes inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities

We work better together thanks to our differences and not in spite of them. We believe that we offer a better service throughout the world and enrich our culture thanks to the diverse skills, experiences and environments that each of us brings to GROWTH:

  • We give equal work opportunities to all qualified employees and candidates.
  • We do not discriminate based on age, sex, race, religion, political affiliation, physical or intellectual disability, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, medical or family leave or any other reason protected by applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • We are committed to employing people with disabilities and to offer suitable positions to qualified employees.
  • We examine any involuntary predisposition and take steps to create an inclusive culture that welcomes all employees.

We collaborate to create a safe and productive workplace that encourages all employees to do their best. A safe workplace inspires confidence and allows us to collaborate to achieve success. Discrimination, harassment and unsafe working conditions diminish everything that can be achieved together:

  • We treat others with respect and do not tolerate harassment or discrimination.
  • We integrate sound health and safety practices into our operations and comply with safety standards in the workplace.
  • We solve problems with respect and never resort to violence or threats.
  • We do not work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

GROWTH is transparent

In our policy and our practices

Founding  Act and Statutes

In our economic management

Economic report 2018

In our structure

GROWTH teams

In our activities 

Activity report 2018

GROWTH complies with these standards of conduct and risks of non-compliance

We want to be an example to our collaborators, donors, partners and volunteers, as well as a reference among the NGOs involved in development cooperation projects and that is why compliance with these principles and standards of conduct is not optional.

Each and every one of us who participate in GROWTH, whatever our position, our activity or our relationship are obliged to comply. This document will be updated periodically. It is the obligation of the members of our organisation to be aware of the changes and incorporate them into their relationship with GROWTH.

Failure to comply with these rules can not only lead to the expulsion of our NGO, but can also lead to legal action against those who violate these rules of conduct, either by third parties or by this NGO if we consider that our organization’s honour or reputation has been damaged.

We request your collaboration in identifying and reporting situations and people who are not complying with these principles of conduct. It is guaranteed that the report will be handled diligently, responsibly, safely and confidentially by our Compliance group. In no case will we act against any member of GROWTH who has denounced persons or situations that contravene the rules of conduct and the ethical principles that we gather in this manual.

These principles and standards of conduct have been developed in collaboration with SmartCompliance SL, which will be reviewed and updated periodically with the GROWTH Team.