Working together

For GROWTH, companies are important drivers of social change that can generate real changes in people’s lives. Establishing alliances with companies that develop their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy with GROWTH allows us to support the most disadvantaged people.

Thanks to companies like yours we can give these people the necessary tools so that they themselves can generate changes in their communities.

You can collaborate with us in different ways, depending on your field and your interests. These are some of those ways, but they are not the only ones and we are open to any kind of proposal and/or suggestion:


Support us in financing a project and help a community to improve their living conditions and manage their own growth.


Companies can collaborate and see their social commitment recognized by contributing with their knowledge, products or services in a disinterested way.


If your company has or wants to acquire goods or services and donate them to one of our projects, it would be of great help for our work.


The employees of your company can collaborate helping in raising funds, celebrating solidarity days in the companies or through other activities.

Be part of our Team!

We are at your disposal to work together. Do not hesitate to contact us!