• Dates: October 2018 – August 2019.
  • Beneficiaries: 1358 people, 405 households.
  • Location: La Arena y La Unión districts, Piura (Perú).
  • Sectors of intervention: Water and Sanitation, Education.

The Piura Project aims to improve the living conditions of communities affected by the “El Niño Costero” phenomenon of 2017.

“El Niño Costero” is a climatic phenomenon that triggers heavy rains causing overflows, floods and landslides in the places it occurs. In 2017, it affected many communities in Peru, especially in the province of Piura.

The official reports of Indeci (National Institute of Civil Defense) indicate a total of 101 deaths, 353 injured, 19 missing, 141,000 victims and almost one million affected nationwide from December 2016 to March 2017.


GROWTH wants to support the communities that were left without aid to recover from the consequences of this catastrophe.

Our mission is to support these affected communities so that they can not only improve their living conditions, but also find the strength and hope necessaries to work on a common project.

Once a first phase of analysis and approximation has been developed together with the government of the region and with the communities themselves, we have decided to focus the Piura Project on the community development of 4 communities that are located in Bajo Piura, in the districts of La Arena and La Union. These communities are: Manuel Seminario Mendoza, El Milagro, San Martín de Letira and Los Almendros.

After this first analysis, it is concluded that the Piura Project will focus mainly on three important aspects such as: improvement of sanitation conditions, reconstruction of educational infrastructures and training in safe construction practices.

During February and March 2019, the following phase of design and formulation of the projects will be carried out in the 4 communities. In this phase, all the members of the communities will actively participate in all the decisions that are made in the execution of the projects.