2020 has been difficult for everyone. The pandemic disrupted our plans, but it has also given us the time we needed to rethink our commitment to solidarity and community development, focusing even more on the understanding the perspective of this new and urgent challenge of Covid-19

In 2021 we will be working on this new project WASH4GROWTHThis is a highly impactful project that we have been planning, designing and adapting. It is still a work in progress but we are excited to provide you with some details.

It will consist of:

− Soap making workshops

− A network of hand-washing stations (‘tippy-taps’) for all households

− A sewing workshop to manufacture masks and, most importantly

− Tackling SDG 6 (Water & Sanitation), by providing the community of Miguel Seminario (made up of about 60 families) who currently have an insufficient and precarious supply, with access to drinking water.

We believe that your decision to join us has been made because you came here with the willpower of making this world a better place. If something has hurt you and you want to be part of the solution this is your place.

Every new partner is a heart that joins us in this cause.