The importance of social justice

Social justice is becoming more and more essential in a globalized and growingly unequal world.

Surely you have heard about this concept many times since it is a key element for social development and coexistence. In this article we want to help you understand its importance.

What is social justice?

Social justice is a basic and fundamental principle needed to achieve a peaceful coexistence between people and to progress society.

It is a concept that goes one step further than justice and promotes the equitable distribution of material needs and strengthens equality among people.

Its ultimate goal is to end poverty and inequality and achieve the full development potential of people.

As you can see, Social Justice is closely linked to the first of the SDGs, eradicating poverty, as well as the principles on which International Cooperation is based.



Why is Social Justice so necessary?

Poverty, and the violation of people’s rights, place peaceful coexistence between communities at risk. Having effective mechanisms to guarantee that everyone can fully exercise their rights and, that their equal opportunities are recognized allows societies to develop in a dignified and peaceful way.

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